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CAPRITALKS - The CAPRI mailing list

Please feel free to subscribe to the capri mailing list

by sending an email to

The mailing list has the following goals:

  • Provision of a platform for all potential CAPRI users to post their questions with respect to CAPRI
  • Discussion forum for model coders
  • Announcement of changes to model code and data

We hope that by establishing this mailing list we can enforce a deeper way of communication between partners in the CAPRI Network. To subscribe to the list, please send an email to the adress given above. You will receive a confirmation request which you have to reply to. A confirmation mail will be send to you. From now on, you receive all mails posted to the list by any member

The code and data base of CAPRI is maintained via a SVN version contol server which allows to keep a local version synchronized with the central one. Therefore, the mailing list is typically not used to exchange code or data between network members.

Last Updated: 25/5/2016

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