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Projects and Funding



The development and maintenance of CAPRI was mainly financed by the EU's research framework programs based on a suite of research projects coordinated by ILR, University Bonn:

  • CAPRI, 1997-1999:
    Development of a first operation version with a net trade market model with a Rest-of-the-world Aggregate
  • CAP-STRAT, 2001-2004
    Spatial multi-commodity model added, exploitation tools, validation
  • CAPRI-Dynaspat, 2004-2007
    Spatial down-scaling, life-cycle asessment for energy use, new Graphical User Interface
  • CAPRI-RD, 2009-2013.
    Modelling of rural development policies, addition of regional CGE models

Additionally, there were tenders by different Directorates of the EU Commission, but also by national institutions and projects under the EU framework with contributions of CAPRI. The following list of projects is probably not exhaustive.

Current projects

Past projects

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