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Marcel Adenäuer

www.ilr.uni-bonn.de_agpo_staff_adenaeuer_adenaeuer.jpgCAPRI network member since 2001


University Bonn, Institute for Agricultural Policy

Nussallee 21, D-53115 Bonn, Germany


Telephone: ++49-(0)-228-73 2858


Current responsibilities

  • Developing biofuels Module: Data on processing of agricultural products to bio-fuels and production of bio-fuels, integration of related projections from PRIMES, AGLINK etc. into the baseline, related behavioural equations in market model
  • Developing sugar Module: Allocation steering for sugar beet based on A-B-C quota regime, price transmission from sugar to sugar beet,handling of sugar beet levies

CAPRI projects

Publications, project reports and conference contributions

Arno Becker, Marcel Adenäuer and M. Blanco Fonseca:
Impacts of European biofuel policies on agricultural markets and environment under consideration of 2nd generation technologies and international trade , selected paper presented at the IATRC Public Trade Policy Research and Analysis Symposium “Climate Change in World Agriculture: Mitigation, Adaptation, Trade and Food Security,” June 27 - 29, 2010, Universität Hohenheim, Stuttgart (Germany)

Marie-Gabrielle Piketty, Lucie Weißleder, Hildo Meirelles de Souza Filho, Mario Otávio Batalha, Marcel Adenäuer and Arno Becker (2009):
Assessing agricultural trade policies options with European Union: A Brazilian perspective
Agricultural Economics , Band 40 , S. 447-457

Wolfgang Britz and Marcel Adenäuer:
Calibration of regional programming models to exogenous supply elasticities by a variable cost function: The CAPRI-EXPAMOD example
in: Integrated Assessment of Agriculture and Sustainable Development (AgSAP), 10-12 March, 2009, Egmont an Zee (The Netherlands) , S. 52-53

Torbjoern Jansson, Marcel Adenäuer and Marijke Kuiper:
The CAPRI and GTAP link: Linking a partial and a global equilibrium model
in: Integrated Assessment of Agriculture and Sustainable Development (AgSAP), 10-12 March, 2009, Egmont an Zee (The Netherlands), S. 24-25 Adenäuer, M. (2008):
CAPRI versus AGLINK-COSIMO: Two partial equilibrium models - Two baseline approaches,
Poster presented on the International EAAE Congress, August 26-29, 2008, Ghent, Belgium.

Adenäuer, M., Witzke H.P. (2008):
Additional constraints for plant protection - Price impacts on European agricultural markets-
Study for the The European Crop Protection Association, October 2008, EuroCARE Bonn.

Jansson, T., Kuiper M., Banse M., Heckelei T. and Adenäuer, M. (2008):
Getting the best of both worlds? Linking CAPRI and GTAP for an economywide assessment of agriculture
Paper resented at the 11th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, Helsinki, Finland

Weissleder, L., Adenäuer, M., Heckelei, T. (2008):
Impact assessment of trade liberalisation between EU and Mercosur countries
Proceedings of the 107th European Seminar of the EAAE, January 29th - February 1st, Sevilla.

Weissleder, L., Becker, A., Adenäuer, M., Britz, W., Junker, F., Heckelei, T. (2008):
EU-Mercosur impact assessment of trade liberalisation scenarios using the CAPRI modelling system.
EUMercoPol Report No. 21, EU 6th Framework Programme, Contract No. 6516.

Adenäuer, M., Jansson, T, Johansson, H.:
Effects of the EU Sugar Reform on Developing Countries.
In:The European Union and Developing countries: Trade, Aid and Growth in an Integrating World / Bourdet, Y., Gullstrand, J., Olofsdotter, K., .- Cheltenham, UK : Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2007 - ISBN 9781845422462

Britz, W., Junker, F., Weissleder, L., Adenäuer, M. (2007):
Quantitative assessment of EU-Mediterranean trade liberalization using the CAPRI modelling system.
EU-Med Agpol Report No. 24, EU 6th Framework Programme, Contract No. 502457.

Adenäuer, M., Britz W., Gocht, A., Gömann, H., Cristoiu, A. and Ratinger, T. (2006):
Modelling impacts of decoupled premiums : building-up a farm type layer within the EU-wide regionalised CAPRI model.

In: 93rd seminar of the EAAE “Impacts of Decoupling and Cross Compliance on Agriculture in the Enlarged EU”
September 22nd-23rd 2006,Prague, Czech Republic. Prague : 24 pages, english

Mittenzwei, K., Adenäuer, M., Asheim, L. and ,Prestegard, S. (2006):
Medium-term EU Integration Impacts on Norwegian Agriculture: A Partial Equlibrium Analysis.FOOD ECONOMICS, Volume 3, Number 1, 2006

Adenäuer, M. (2005): Modelling the European Sugar Sector - Incentives to Supply Sugar Beets and Analysis of Reform Options - PHD Thesis, Bonn University, 2005.

Adenäuer, M. and Heckelei T. (2005):
Reform of the CMO Sugar - Impacts on European Agriculture
Paper presented on the 8th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis of the GTAP consortium, Lübeck, 9 - 11. June.
download pdf-version

Adenäuer M., Britz W. and Witzke H.P.:
Modelling EU sugar market scenarios with a modified Armington appoach,
paper resented at the IATRC summer meeting 2005, Sevilla, June 16/17 2005: “Pressures for Agricultural Reform: WTO Panels and the Doha Round Negotiations”

Adenäuer, M., Louhichi, K., de Frahan, B.H. and H.P.Witzke (2004):
Impacts of the “Everything But Arms” Initiative on the EU Sugar Sub-Sector. Selected paper prepared for presentation at the International Conference on Policy Modelling (EcoMod 2004), June 30 - July 2, Paris.
download pdf-version

Henrichsmeyer, W., Adenäuer M., Kuhn, A.,Witzke, H.P., Zeddies, J., Zimmermann, B. (2003):
Study to Assess the Impact of Options for the Future Reform of the Sugar Common Market Organisation, Main report, EuroCARE, 2003, Bonn.

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